100 MW electrolyser system

The Gigastack Consortium has identified a pathway to commercial operation of a 100MW scale electrolyser system powered by offshore wind in 2025.

40 % of the UK’s 2023 target

Gigastack aims to deploy a 100MW scale electrolyser system by 2025, which would meet 40% of the UK Government’s target of contracted electrolytic capacity by end of 2023.

Up to £2.5 bn Gross Value Added

The project has already helped create more than 100 jobs at ITM Power’s Gigafactory and the initial 100MW is projected to create an additional 180 jobs, whilst an expansion to 1GW by 2030 could contribute up to £2.5bn Gross Value Added and 1,700 created and safeguarded jobs in Immingham’s local economy.

47% reduction in LCOH

Work carried out to build a business case for Gigastack suggests an opportunity to significantly reduce the Levelized Cost of Hydrogen (LCOH) by around 47% by 2030.

<£400 /kW  

Installation costs will be reduced to a fraction of today’s costs

1 GW/yr  

ITM Power’s new Gigafactory is the world’s largest electrolyser production facility with capacity for the production of 1GW per annum of electrolysers, able to meet the future demand for large-scale electrolysis

1.4   GW Wind Farm

Gigastack will explore a direct electrical connection to the Hornsea substation

UP to 30% of existing refinery demand

The 100MW electrolyser will supply up to 30% of the refinery’s existing hydrogen demand and potentially cover new demand linked to expansion opportunities

Project map