ITM Power manufactures integrated hydrogen energy solutions to enhance the utilisation of renewable energy that would otherwise be wasted.

ITM Power Plc designs and manufactures products which generate hydrogen gas, based on Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology. This technology only uses electricity (renewable) and tap water to generate hydrogen gas on-site and has a product offering capable of being scaled to 100MW+ in size. In establishing the existing customer base, particular importance has been placed on the ability (i) to provide a fully integrated system, (ii) of the system to respond rapidly to varying power profiles, and (iii) to generate hydrogen at a pressure, flow rate and purity appropriate to its application.

ITM Power Plc is a globally recognised expert in hydrogen technologies with the overarching principle to take excess energy from the power network, convert it into hydrogen and use it in one of three broad market areas – Mobility, Power-to-X and Industry.  There are multiple application areas within each area, all of which are acknowledged to be growing rapidly and requiring systems of ever larger capacities.  This is led by the drive for improved air quality worldwide, the growth of renewable power generators in the energy mix and a need to decarbonise industrial processes.

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Role in Project

ITM Power will finalise manufacturing designs and test their new generation of electrolyser stack technology, which enables very large stacks (up to 5MW) thus reducing costs and improving efficiency. This will enable the future deployment of 100MW scale electrolyser systems.

ITM Power will install and trial the semi-automated manufacturing machines required for large scale and high-volume manufacture of these large low-cost stacks. ITM Power will remove bottlenecks and validate a complete production system capable of delivering hundreds of megawatts of electrolysers per year (initial target 300MW/year, ramping to 1GW/year).