UK Manufacturing

Investment in electrolysis will support the UK’s pathway to a net zero energy system and the creation of a world-leading hydrogen technology and knowledge centre. The hydrogen sector is nascent but ready for leading companies to quickly expand and develop their technology for commercial applications.

ITM Power will develop and manufacture their next generation of stack and prepare for its manufacture in the world’s largest electrolyser factory, Bessemer Park, in Sheffield. This “Giga-Factory”, is expected to create hundreds of jobs at ITM Power alone. Demonstrating this ambition to the wider supply chain will enable proportional investment to match the scale of production envisaged by the project partners. In turn, this will lead to job creation across the UK. This momentum will help to establish the UK as a hub for renewable hydrogen technology with the creation of high skilled jobs, intellectual property and additional revenue due to exporting this technology internationally.


ITM Power’s “Giga-Factory” ramp up in electrolyser manufacturing capacity out to 2025 with and without funding for the Gigastack projects

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