Phillips 66 Limited is a key player in the energy sector, supplying high quality fuels in the UK for over 50 years. The Humber Refinery is unique in Europe a UK champion and global supplier in the electric vehicle manufacturing chain manufacturing graphite petroleum coke. This specialist product forms a critical part of batteries in both electric vehicles (EVs) and consumer electronics. Phillips 66 supports this production with a world class R&D department. 

Humber’s unique role has been acknowledged by the Advanced Propulsion Centre as a core building block on the road to building a UK-based EV battery manufacturing capability. Phillips 66 is a world leader in premium grade petroleum coke technology, our current UK capability is the equivalent to 1.3 million EV cars every year. As part of this process the carbon within the coke is permanently sequestered into the battery, removing the need to capture any associated CO2. 

Phillips 66 is a partner in the Humber Deployment project (Humber-DP) which has successfully progressed to Phase 1 under the ISCF Industrial Decarbonisation Challenge, assessing large-scale industrial decarbonisation options.  We are also actively supporting the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership and other regional bodies in finding options to decarbonise local industries. 

The Humber Refinery has a proven history of developing new low carbon fuels, being the first in the UK to process used cooking oil. Converting UK & International waste streams into finished bio petrol and diesel. 

Working with the Department of Transport we are developing the next generation of low-carbon fuels which will qualify under the new UK Development Fuels targets. With the support of our world-class R&D facility in the US, we are continually assessing new development fuels opportunities.

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Role in Project

Phillips 66 is the consortium’s industrial offtaker of renewable hydrogen at the Humber Refinery. Phillips 66 will switch hydrocarbon fuel for Gigastack’s renewable hydrogen in their industrial fired heaters. Phillips 66 will continue to work with Ørsted to develop the Second Phase of the FEED Study (i.e. permitting and CAPEX reduction initiatives) and will maintain engagement with BEIS, in order to reach the Final Investment Decision.