The Gigastack project aims to demonstrate the benefits of and potential for renewable hydrogen derived from offshore wind. The consortium will highlight the regulatory, commercial and technical challenges to be overcome, developing a blueprint for deploying scaleable electrolyser technology across the UK.

Renewable hydrogen is essential for the decarbonisation of those sectors where direct electrification is not viable. These include industrial clusters, transport modes such as heavy-goods vehicles, trains, buses, manual handling equipment and maritime applications as well as the gas grid. It will facilitate the Humber’s ambitious transition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 and by 2050 for the UK as a whole. This project will also support local content through the growth of UK manufacturing and supporting ambitions for Humber regeneration.

In Gigastack Phase 2 the consortium will conduct a Front-End Engineering Design (‘FEED’) study on a 100MW electrolyser system, and further develop the manufacturing for ITM Power's next generation stack - Gigastack.


The FEED study will detail the actual design of a hydrogen production system connected to a wind farm and industrial off-taker using; ITM Power’s next generation of electrolyser stack technology; renewable energy directly from Ørsted’s Hornsea Two offshore wind farm; and with the resulting renewable hydrogen supplied to the Phillips 66 Humber Refinery. A key objective of the Gigastack Phase 2 project is to identify and highlight regulatory, commercial and technical challenges for real applications of industrial-scale renewable hydrogen systems. This will support the consortium’s Phase 3 ambitions to deploy the project.

As part of Phase 2, ITM Power will also install and trial both their next-generation electrolyser stack and the semi-automated manufacturing machines required for large-scale and high-volume manufacture of these new large low-cost stacks. This will help to validate the electrolyser technology and production system capable of delivering large-scale renewable hydrogen.

100 MW FEED Study

ITM Power’s new 5MW stack will enable the deployment of Gigawatt-scale systems

<£400 /kW

Installation costs will be reduced to a fraction of today’s costs

1 GW/yr

ITM Power’s Giga-factory will meet the future demand for large-scale electrolysis

1.4 GW Wind Farm

Gigastack will explore a direct electrical connection to the Hornsea substation

UP to 30% of Existing Refinery Demand

The 100MW electrolyser will supply up to 30% of the refinery’s existing hydrogen demand and potentially cover new demand linked to expansion opportunities

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